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Medication Compliance Program

FourStone Health’s programmatic approach to Lab Management services replaces previously unmanaged and expensive physician-initiated testing services that carriers and TPAs are currently using.  We’ve transformed the outdated and haphazard urine drug testing services into a data-driven medication compliance program where referrals are based on clinical triggers that are set by payors.  This approach shifts program control back to claims payor organizations.

The Medication Compliance Program is a scientific, unbiased, predictable and cost-effective way to drive compliance with individual medication regimens, and identifies patients needing continued monitoring or pharmacogenomic testing.  Our easy-to-read reports provide actionable intelligence to payors and prescribers.

The FourStone Medication Compliance Test provides a shortened testing time and speeds up the patient care cycle. The test outperforms conventional screening in speed, accuracy, and detail. Physician-initiated toxicology testing can often range from $900-$3,000.  The types of tests often used by physicians, such as Point Of Care Cups/Instant Reads, are accurate only 60% of the time.  Urine testing to monitor medication compliance is routine for opioid use in pain management, and is now being utilized for other claims identified based on a number of clinical criteria. FourStone Health’s  Medication Compliance program increases accuracy and supports clear doctor-patient communication. We use superior technology and analytics to deliver a complete picture of patient medication and drug use and abuse. We provide the tools needed to gain clarity to fully assess patients and prescribe them with confidence.

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