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FourStone Health

FourStone Health offers two programs to Workers’ Compensation payors: Lab Management Services and Accelerated Recovery Services.  Here is an overview of these various offerings:

FourStone Health Lab Management Services:

At FourStone Health, we understand the importance of providing the best patient care possible and ensuring their medication treatment is safe and effective.  Without the proper tools and resources, providing appropriate medical care is challenging.  FourStone Health provides two essential testing programs to help ensure medical providers can provide safe and effective care:

Medication Compliance and Pharmacogenomic Testing Programs

Medication Compliance: FourStone Labs Toxicology Test uses superior technology and analytics to deliver a complete picture of patient medication and drug use and potential abuse, and to monitor compliance with prescription medication treatment regimens. Read more here.

FourStone Labs is the pioneer in precision medicine, bringing Pharmacogenomic Testing into the workers’ compensation space. We empower physicians, psychiatrists, and surgeons to make personalized prescribing decisions. We enable payors to deliver high quality, accountable care to injured workers. Read more here.

Accelerated Recovery Services:

FourStone Health’s Accelerated Recovery services are comprised of our Pharmacogenomic Testing and Wearable Therapeutic Brace programs. These programs are both designed for injured workers who have been approved for surgeries that typically have a lengthy rehabilitation and recovery duration.

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