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Therapeutic Medical Devices

FourStone Health is the exclusive distributor in the Workers’ Compensation industry for Gladiator Therapeutics Wearable Braces and Devices.  Gladiator Therapeutics braces are FDA registered and use patented technology to accelerate post-surgical healing.

Patented Technology – The medical grade ceramics absorb ambient heat from the patient and convert it to light photons which present in our body as intracellular vibrations.   This delivery mechanism is patented technology that is unique and proprietary to Gladiator.

The ambient heat conversion to vibrations activates cellular signaling within and between cells.

This creates a hyper acute fibronectin response (wound foundation) and stem cell migration.  The combination of the hyper acute fibronectin response and the stem cell migration creates healing at the molecular level, leading to accelerated healing of the damaged area of the body.

The unique benefits of Gladiator braces include:

  • Fully portable, comfortable, can be worn during normal physical activity
  • No power source required
  • Can be used 24/7 without compromising skin integrity
  • Patented and Proprietary Technology
  • FDA Registered

As with all FourStone Health services, we employ a data-driven, programmatic approach to identify appropriate patients who have been approved for an upcoming surgery.  While any surgical patient could benefit from wearing this therapeutic brace, FourStone Health focuses on those surgeries that typically lead to extended recovery times and/or pain management programs for Workers’ Compensation patients (shoulder, spine, knee, hip).  By timing the delivery of the brace prior to surgery, an injured worker will be able to benefit immediately upon hospital discharge, as well as from wearing the brace prior to surgery as part of their pre-surgical conditioning program.

Gladiator Therapeutics wearable braces are proven to accelerate recovery time by up to 68%.  Accelerated Recovery leads to quicker Return-To-Work and shorter overall claim duration and expense.

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